First Date Ideas

It is a common saying that first impressions are the most important and first dates are no exception to the rule. During a first date, a guy and a girl can begin to get an idea about the other person and decide whether or not they wish to continue seeing them. Therefore, a first date is extremely important as having a bad first date may mean that you never get a second chance to properly show your date the person you really are and answer some after first date questions. While there are no written rules of dating, there are a few how to first date tips that can help both a person who is just entering the dating world as well as someone that has been making mistakes for years.

The first topic that needs to be addressed is first date ideas. This is almost always the responsibility of the guy and bad planning is one of the easiest ways to ruin a first date. While the standard dinner and a movie routine can seem a bit cliche, it is popular for a reason. There isn’t much risk or time commitment involved and if it is not going well, then the movie part can even be omitted. The best rule about a first date is to keep it simple. The first date is not the time to go skydiving or on a four-hour hike. It is much better to meet for a tea or coffee and see where things go from there. In this manner, there is not a forced situation where both people will have to stay for a set period of time.

Another aspect of a first date that is quite important is first date sex. Both parties need to realize the possibility of a first date ending this way and should make sure they are prepared. First date sex is on the rise in today’s dating world as more people are willing to get physical without a serious commitment. In fact, dating experts argue that people who have first date sex are often better prepared to engage in a serious relationship when they meet someone they truly like. Waiting to have sex can be like playing a game and modern men generally tire of this game rather quickly. Of course, a woman who is willing to have sex on the first date may be labelled as promiscuous according to traditional values, but in today’s dating world it is quite acceptable.

The other area where men and women both need work is in following up to the first date. This is where tradition still reigns supreme. A guy should send flowers regardless of whether he is interested in a second date or not. This is a point of courtesy and is a classy thing to do in almost every case except those where the first date was a disaster. The widespread use of email and social networks make keeping in contact easy and both parties should have after first date questions to further explore the potential relationship. First dates have a lot of positive and negative potential and any dater should work on their first date skills to be at the top of their games.