Dating Relationship Advices

Once you find that special someone, you might need some love relationship advice to help hang on to them. There’s a golden rule to that advice, and if you have ever had friends, you have probably been cornered into giving them some variation of it. Of course, the advice always looks a little different – your best friend in college had a boyfriend who distanced himself by watching bizarre Japanese anime, whereas your cubicle neighbor’s girlfriend gawks unabashedly at passersby. Every dating relationship is different, but they all share common themes. The same is true for the advice that applies to these love relationships. If your boyfriend watches Pokemon to distance himself from you, bridge the gap by showing some interest in his Japanophilia. Give the girlfriend who won’t stop ogling strangers something to stare at by hitting the gym. The skeleton key – the golden rule – is that you hold the power.

Advice websites like eHow and Bukisa offer bevies of tips for the men and women relationships involve, and the unifying theme is always in line with the one laid out above. eHow’s “How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Loved” recommends recognizing and mimicking the way your dating relationship partner shows love, reminding your partner of your love without overusing the stock “I love you,” and speaking through actions like footrubs and gift-giving. Bukisa reminds us to spoil our partners in love relationships, to compliment them while talking to other people, and to notice the minute details about them. Most importantly, Bukisa reminds us to take interest in the things our partners like. Clearly, the best love relationship advice is to pay your partner the utmost attention.

Of course, those who have yet to find that special someone need advice, too. Luckily, the golden rule from above holds true for people who are not in love relationships yet. When meeting someone new, pay attention to them, take every bit of them in, and be personable. Meeting new people brings a few additional rules to the table, too. Wikihow recommends first and foremost that you find someone you actually get along with and enjoy talking to. This is much easier than it sounds. To do this, think of the thing you most enjoy doing, then go somewhere people do that thing in public. If you love to exercise, go to the gym and try starting conversations with the people around you. Concerts are a great way to meet people if you love a specific band or genre of music – there’s a lot of time to talk between acts, and you’re guaranteed to have at least one thing in common with everyone in the room.

The most difficult rule Wikihow gives us here is to take our time – do not try to rush someone into a dating relationship once you have hung out with them three or four times, no matter how certain you feel. Remember that if things keep going well, you can spend the rest of your life with this person. Take this love relationship advice: Talk to the person, then make friends, then – when both parties are ready – start your relationship.