Great Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Choosing the right gift for Valentines Day can be a difficult task. While it may seem simple, the wrong gift or a funny valentine gift can send an unintended message and could even end the relationship if it is bad enough. To determine the best Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other, it may be advisable to examine the relationship to see what type of gift is the best fit for you. The first rule is to avoid a Valentine card or funny valentine gift as these only work for a small part of the female population.

Flowers and chocolates are better than Valentine cards and she will surely appreciate them, but are they the right choice? These are better gifts for a relationship that is just beginning. The chocolates are seen as being a noncommittal type of gift and they can be personalized. If you know that your girl prefers chocolates with caramel, making the right choice will go a long way to make her happy. One word of caution – do not buy cheap chocolates. It is better to go ahead and spend a little extra money to show her that you really care. Flowers are another classic choice, being better than Valentine cards, with roses being the most popular variety. If you want to take it to another level, orchids and gardenias make excellent substitutes for the classic rose.

Jewelry is a tricky subject, but still better than a Valentine card. Nearly all girls like to receive a pendant, earrings, or bracelet as a gift, but you have to be sure that you understand your lover’s taste and style. While she will probably not tell you if she doesn’t like your gift, it can be a problem if you notice that she never wears it. For this reason, if you want to buy jewelry, the classics are the best choice. A pendant in a heart shape is always a safe play, as well as a gold bracelet.

If you are secure that you are in a serious relationship, the best Valentine’s gift may be a vacation date for a few days instead of a Valentine card. Taking your girl to a quiet mountain bed and breakfast hotel is obviously a more expensive option, but the gesture will not go unrewarded. When she hears about how her friends only got flowers and chocolates, she will appreciate you even more. There are a few problems with a Valentines Day vacation. Many other people will have the same idea and prices can be quite exaggerated for this time period. Also, you should not choose a vacation if the relationship is just beginning and you are not sure where you stand. A weekend getaway in this case may indicate that it is a serious relationship and if neither of you are sure, it can create an awkward situation. Gifts for Valentines Day do not have to be one of the standards, and a guy may find that a funny Valentine gift, such as a game or novelty lingerie may be better options depending on the nature of the girl that is involved.